Author: Vijay

Tuesday January 13, 2009

One of the favorite team I ever like is Australia, in that team especially I like two player’s one is steve waugh the former captain, other is Mathew Hayden. Steve waugh the coolest skipper of Australia putted a start for domination power of Australia over other teams in the world of cricket, good player of team too. After that Gilchrist and Mathew Hayden takes the team to top with the help of the splendid captain Ricky pointing. These three players are the boon for Australia, Gilchrist already retired. Mathew Hayden the toughest and strongest player of the team, he will start up Australian innings and takes his team to peak through his batting. But he struggled in his batting over last few matches, but his style of batting and dominating the opponent bowlers are the lesson for the young batsmen’s in the cricket. What ever the situation even chasing tough target, Hayden’s style won’t change. He will keep himself cool and his batting cool, give pressure to the bowlers, that’s Hayden special, I love him lot especially for his cool character over the batting, but he announced his retirement that makes a hard feel among his fans like me.


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