Author: Vijay

Thursday January 22, 2009

After a massive hit by utilizing Aamir khan in the film Ghajini now again the south side director doing a film for the super hero of bollywood, which is none other than Sharukh Khan. Just a decision laid out for his next film with Director Murgadoss other than that no information is revealed, all eyes lying over this their next step decision to make up the film for promotion, this created a huge expectation among the bollywood cine industry after looking up the early fastest victory of Ghajini more over sharukh khan fans are enjoying to hear this news from the hero side answer, probably the news from director side saying that Ghajini heroine will play the opposite role with super hero sharukh again with her director Murugadoss.



  1. Trixie M.

    hi...visiting you here..

  2. negeri hijau

    your sharukh khan very famous in my country

  3. negeri hijau

    yaour sharukh khan very famous in my country

  4. Aline C.

    Hello from Brazil! Thanks for visiting my blog :) Have a great day :)


  5. E-Tavasi

    I like Sharukh khan action, maybe you can add some picture for Ghajini film (^^,)

  6. Shaik GouseJohn

    Other than ghajini that director doesnt have any blockbuster movies.

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