Author: Vijay

August 08, 2010, Sunday

Hi friends, in the previous post just shared something about friendship, more over there are lot of posts about the friendship and love in my blog entries but this is going to be something a different topic, Love in India. Friends one thing, in the foreign countries they placing India is the country for better love and relationship, they giving one good example for this as Taj Mahal, a symbol of love for this entire world. But to be frank whether the love in our country have proper recognition and rewards, may be love holds a good place in Cinemas, what about the real life. Be practical, our country is a traditional country, in other countries peoples they themselves decide their marriage(every boy and girl choose their own as per their wish, very liberal) but here in our country more than this few things are important and those things ultimately decide the marriage between two, first one is HOROSCOPE, second one is CASTE, third one is RELIGION, fourth one is COMMUNITY and fifth one is MONEY( parents choosing the groom or bride for their property and money sake).

After these five they considering the guy's and girl's heart and feel. So what do you think about this? How can a love or love cum arrange marriage is possible in this kind of culture, even if a love succeed, the true success lies on marriage so how many love's attaining the real success called marriage. Happy to see on one side there are much importance to our culture and traditions, very proud of it but the same thing on other side it eventually hurting the feel of two hearts.


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  1. Suruchi Puri (Author)

    Yes..it is true that love is getting a side-back importance when it comes to marriage..


  2. Renu

    true success lies on marriage..then how many marriages work abroad...they are always getting divorces and remarrying..true love needs lot of commitment and adjustments, which today's youth cant understand.

  3. A

    Is it true anymore?

  4. Couture Carrie

    Very interesting post...


  5. rohini

    thnx for visiting my page. Frankly i dint read ur posts yet, as had mobile in my hand and its nt interesting to read on it. Wil visit agn with comments. And if i like i wil definitely folow u wid my commnts. The gud thing is wether gud or bad blog, the idea of bloging itself is appreciable. :) thnx agn for ur comment on my post, which i think u dint read :)

  6. Idiot Mind Working

    thank u so much for finding out time to read my posts and giving for precious comments on them. appreciate it truly....!!!
    i agree to it that marriages in india are biased since centuries....but i think slowly the pattern is changing...!! but still in most parts the story remains the same..!!
    nice post.

  7. rohini

    hi...came back again to read the post...
    marriage when comes arrange..lots of points are viewed and is then fixed...where love develops after marriage or during the courtship time...in case of love marraiges..the love is at teh front seat...but stil it may take back seat if nthing is settled down when it comes to mariage...the points u stated are true....
    Nt only in India but other countries also this prob exists... though the ratio differs...things are changing and i too hope for the best...
    and hey agn thnx for commenting at my post....thnx...:)

  8. magiceye

    arranged marriages are good for those who cannot find a soulmate on their own.. those who can have to fight all odds and carry on loving!!

  9. Babli

    Thanks a lot for visiting my blog and for your lovely comment. I have become your follower.
    I appreciate for your wonderful post. Very well written. Its very difficult to see whether love marriage or arranged marriage is good. All that depends is believe on each other, commitment and understanding between each other then everybody can live happily and peacefully.

  10. Ster n

    Thanks for your comment! I'll be following your blog!!



  11. Grandma Yellow Hair

    It is sad like Suruchi Puri said love is getting a sideback importance in your country when it comes to marriage.
    I myself being from America can not imagine having someone with that much control over me deciding who I should live the rest of my life with.
    Nothing can replace the feeling of falling in love and then marrying that person.
    Thank you for visiting my site and I enjoyed reading yours very much

  12. Jacob

    I think this is Robin Williams in disguise! :-)

  13. Adelina

    well, I am not Indian but married to Indian through my own will and our marriage works. Every marriage has ups and downs and even the arranged marriages have issues, and if they still hold together, it is for the same few reasons you list on your post: 1.Horoscope said everything will work 2. Shame should not be brought upon family, community.. 3. Financial security- where would a homemaker go if she wants a divorce? FYI, divorce has quadrupled in India since women started gaining more financial independence...I do not think one marriage style is better than the other, what matters is how people solve their differences. As for that passionate love from Indian movies- nice to watch an sometimes even heart-stirring, but come on, who has it for too long?

  14. Lindsay With An "A"

    Thanks for visiting my blog! :)


  15. KayKay

    thnx for viditing. im following back! interesting posts im looking fwd to your futures 1s

  16. Sonal

    Interesting Post ! but Love After Marriage is the general trend accepted in India and successful too..True Love doesnot culiminates from mere attraction,t needs commitment which only a marriage can provide

  17. Anonymous

    Nice post :)

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