Author: Vijay

August 17, Tuesday, 2010

Each and every country have different kind of film industry with huge set of artists, there are lot of smart hero's and beautiful heroines all round the media world. But here I going to talk about the most handsome, charming and smartest hero in Indian cinemas, again am telling this is my view, each and every one's view is different from others and you may think some other one is most handsome or beautiful hero, here this is my view and I myself considered this person is most beautiful hero.

Mr.Ajith Kumar from Kollywood, Indian cinemas.


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  1. Nayantara Sam

    I don't have a favorite south indian actor. Mostly because they all seem to be doing the same kind of movie over and over again. But, I DO like Nayanthara. She's good. And smart.

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  2. Babli

    Ajith is also my favourite actor. He is not only charming and handsome but also a fantastic actor. I have seen almost all his movies. I love to watch Rajnikanth's and Kamal Hasan's movies too. Very nice post.

  3. www.majormusthaves.com

    He is a great actor. Thanks for stopping by my blog:).

  4. Vibhuti

    Hey Maubrey,
    had visited ur blog before too but I musn't have commented. sorry for that! I like this series you are doing on these actors from other industries than bollywood. Helps us know more abt our India. Thanks

  5. joanny

    I really do not have a favorite, even here in my country, I do not have a favorite. It depends on the movie, the content and how well they act, and what they are like in real life. The Indian actor you show here on your blog,is handsome I think that is easy to see.


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  6. rohini

    yeah he looks good ///thnx for increasing my knwoledge in south Indian movies

  7. jamie-lee

    I still am yet to see Bollywood movie!


  8. Melissa

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving my comment!

    I really like that yours is very, very positive and it seems like you make a strong effort to not allow any negativity into it. That's awesome! Keep up the good work!

  9. FashionJazz

    Loved your post, thank you for your comment on my blog : ) xx

  10. Sally

    Thanks so much for stopping by.


  11. Couture Carrie

    Very cool post!

    I had never heard of this actor before!


  12. Life Unleashed

    m havnt much seen south indian cinema... bt he do look gud

  13. Fabíola Beltrão

    ow, i dont know a indian actor yet...

    im folloring your blog

  14. Nasan Faris Naufal

    kollywood and bollywood is the same thing?

  15. Susu Paris Chic

    Thank you for your comment on my blog! I am a real movie buff, but mostly know American and French actors. The cinema is becoming my second living-room though. Four visits within the past week.

  16. Ster n

    It's interesting, I didn't know him, he's very handsome! :)




  17. Tatan

    visit me back please! :)

  18. Keith

    I've never heard of him before so this was an interesting post. I'm really interested in learning more about Indian entertainment.

  19. Eden

    Nice blog. Thank you for the visit and for leaving a nice comment.

    Have a great weekend.

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