Author: Vijay

August 22, Sunday, 2010

Again this is my own taste, there are lot of beautiful actress there in our cinemas but I considered myself this lady is most beautiful actress and she is the one who brought such a feel within me, there may be lot of modern, trendy, slim models and actress but this girl is so traditional looking such a homely face cut and perfect Indian coded cute girl, I wish to tell one thing you have such a charming and cuteness within yourself and please don't indulge in glamorous role, try to do more homely and character roles in your films rather than ordinary heroine roles with usual duet songs. You are the one who have natural cuteness and charming beauty, Anushka rocks.

ANUSHKA, actress(from Kollywood and Tollywood)Indian cinemas



  1. joanny


    There are a lot of lovely looking actors and actresses in you country. Here in the US we do not see many Indian film, it is a shame really, for I love looking at foreign films, the director always has different ideas how acting should be and it varies from country to country. Especially the Cinematography, which is more what I look at the "art of movement."

    Take care,

  2. style-haus

    ahhh she's stunning! truly a beauty


  3. Lynn Hahn

    Hello! Thanks for your kind words on my blogg "Hooked on Movies" I see that you also like movies and movie stars. She is very beautiful and that's great advise you gave her!

  4. wildan

    she is beautifull indian women
    great look and famous

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