Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Yes, I do have another blog, more than here I was so enthusiastic over that blog, here I can write anything and everything without any boundary as like a random thoughts, feel and social topics but in that blog I was so particular about the things, I mean that I had written the personal topics, my flavors and my feel over the people, social and things, but due to sluggishness I left that blog, so that blog becomes quite unfamiliar. Hope you scratching which blog and what it is right? Just don't think much let me give the blog name, actually the blog composed of two words let me write the first word of the blog name SOOTHING and below I do provide a picture which represents the second word of that blog name..haha

Any way what so ever concern with that blog, this blog is always COOL as per the name, which provides cool information for the cool visitors, like how they providing below:

Strawberry Shortcake Pictures, Images and Photos

So how it is?
Hmmmm, Always COOL BLOG IS COOL WITH COOLEST STUFFS FOR ALL COOL PERSONS, hope you will say that am cool person too..Cheers



  1. LaToya

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    im glad you liked the post <3

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  5. Jasmin

    Hy Maubrey

    thanks a lot for your comment, and yes you are cool ;)

  6. Krysten @ After 'I Do'

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  7. Cafe Fashionista

    Ooh, I love the pictures of Strawberry Shortcake - so cute!! :)

  8. johanna

    ohh so cute

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    and i love strawberry shortcake, she is such a childhood symbol for me :}


  14. Tights Lover

    Cool post! Like your blog.

  15. litlstrawberry

    ^^ The strawberry is my fave. fruit and strawberry shortcake/family is my daughters' fave. cartoonist. I guess i should follow you and enjoy more of your COOL pictures. :)

  16. bananas.

    the fact that you posted strawberry shortcake makes you cool. so consider your mission complete :)

  17. Kelly

    Cute blog, thanks for stopping by mine! Following you, hope you can do the same! :)

    <3 Kelly

  18. fashionstoned

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  25. Miss*Kimmy

    Love the strawberry shortcakes pics

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