Author: Vijay

Thursday, July 22, 2010

At young ages I was addicted to TV shows, now days not that much. But now also when I saw a Popeye image on net I admire that a lot, yes I watch some of my regional movies and weekly serial during my primary and secondary studies. At that time only CARTOON NETWORK was introduced through our cable channels, CARTOON NETWORK is home for all kids. Even during my secondary studies also I watched that channel, there are lot of good shows there but I was so particular on one show, often I watch that show alone, whenever they broadcasting it on channel, that's none other than "POPEYE- THE SAILOR MAN" what a picturesqueness and theme it is, really I admire a lot, hope you peoples also love that show.


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  1. Fabíola Beltrão

    thank u...

    so, happy birthday

    better late than never



  2. Miss Caitlin S.

    I love Popeye!!! Always!

  3. Winny.

    i do an awesome olive impression. :D
    & yes im now following you :) x

  4. AzaharaJS

    original blog!


  5. B a la Moda

    I like him too.

    B* a la Moda

  6. Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl

    I've never heard of this one before!!

    And I saw it was your bday... So Happy Belated Birthday! Hope you had a great day!

  7. Katie ♥

    Great blog as well, thanks for the nice comment on mine : )

  8. Keith

    I love Popeye a lot. I watched it all the time when I was a kid. Thanks for your comment on my blog. It was nice hearing from you.

  9. -Sam I Am-

    hey thanks for stopping by my blog!! I always enjoy getting comment love. I like your site as well! Hope you're having a great day.

  10. Samm

    Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog!

    - Samm
    @ www.afterstylecomesfashion.blogspot.com

  11. ~*~ saskia ~*~

    Hi Maubrey, lovely man, haha. Happy happy belated birthday. Good old Popeye! Have a happy Thursday!
    Must think about changing the lovely ladies part... .^_^.

  12. Fashion-rocks

    I love cartoons.

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