July 01, Thursday, 2010

You can do a kind of small research in web, you will probably find this month of July is called as month of romance, I really don't know though the month of February constitutes the Valentines day, this July month gains all credits for the romance and soothing love, I consider after a kind of analysis this July is named behalf of Juliet, Juliet who is best know for LOVE with Romeo, hope all know this lovers Romeo-Juliet, they are perfect example for the best LOVERS in the world,even in this generation also they standing as a symbol for all lovers..love Pictures, Images and PhotosThis quite interesting right, so I learned the Rose is symbol of love and Romeo-Juliet is the Symbol of lovers, wishing all the lovers to make it as a romantic month all along the year and most important make your love as true one, don't do it for time pass or for some other crap act, Love is just a feel from your inner heart to gain another heart. Enhance it and enjoy it every moment.



  1. Dorothy L

    What a lovely post. Any ode to romance is worthwhile commenting on.
    Romance is such an necessary and even more..enjoyable part of the courtship. Romance should never just stop at the courtship stage...it should be part and parcel of the relationship all the way until death do us part :)

  2. charmie

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  3. Sissym

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