September 22, Wednesday, 2010

I like Rajini and Ajith in Tamil cinemas(kollywood) a lot, next to these two I really love Vijay and Kamal also, all these four persons are adorable actors who already gain their images in 1970's, 1980's and in 1990's. But after 2000 I experienced watching many hero's coming in the Tamil film industry, really for me none of the actor gives a standard hero feel as like those four hero's what I mentioned in the above lines,though one person who launched his career in tamil cinema's in the year 2007 with opening block buster movie stolen many hearts in Tamil Film industry also in Indian film industry, his recent movie Paiyaa is also a super hit movie.

He holds all credits to fall in the list of Rajini, Kamal, Vijay, Ajith, he is next in this lists. This is my own opinion, also I saw he gained a huge set of fans for his innocence acting and smile in the recent movies, a actor who proves as a talented character artist as well as hero within a short span of time.



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    this just proves to me I need to see a bollywood movie, yet again - i keep saying i will but haven't yet!


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    Interesting. I never heard about these actors.

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    Ajith is a very good actor. I love to watch his movies. Wonderful post.
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    Thanks for your lovely comment. I am Bengali but my house is in Tamilnadu thats why I know Tamil very well and can speak fluently and fond of watching Tamil films especially Rajnikant and Ajith's movie. Your blog is one of my favourite as you write very well about the actors. Keep writing and I will visit your blog.
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