Sep 15, Wednesday, 2010

I was bored to the core to watch Tamil films, previously I watch a lot especially Rajini, Kamal, Vijay and Ajith movies all these persons movies might be good and I feel worthy to spend my time in watching their movies.

But for the past two years, there are great change in films and trends, lot of hero's, heroine's and lot of new movies with new directors. Anything if exceeds the limit means it will give a kind of boring feel, same feel I had while watching these much of new things in our film industry.

To be really satisfied with a recent movie after SUBRAMANIYAPURAM 2008, that is due to the movie BAANA KAATHADI, I didn't expect these much things from a recent film.

The first credit goes to director such a silent romantic movie, there is no sound and violence love as like what recent films trying to show, second the Hero, really Adharva you looks great, I love Murali a lot, now am seeing Murali in terms of you. Such a humbleness, cuteness and matured mode of acting in his first film. No special heroism.

Third credit goes to Kaathadi(mean Kite in English , am I right?) excellent kit handled in amazing manner, simply superb.

All the best for all who gave such a movie and brought a feel of watching an 1980's romantic movie.



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