Sep 12, Sunday, 2010

Hats off performance by Chennai Super Kings, one of the most strongest IPL team and champions of IPL 3, Chennai Super kings won the first match in the Airtel Champions league, many peoples have a thought the best performing teams not performing well in the World Champions League 20-20 matches, hope in this Champion League, CSK(Chennai Super Kings) have the ability to break such kind of thoughts among the cricket fans, if they provided good sort of input as like they did in the first match sure CSK will hold the champions title, bowling is very strong, batting also seems good, the thing if the same spirit is continued within CSK team, then they are champions.



  1. Rakhshanda

    O yeah their performance was great.

  2. vadistrict nazarene

    hi, care to x-link... your link already add on my blog. please add me back. thanks you :)

  3. Katy

    Hi Vinoth, How are you? all the best to CSK team:)

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