Author: Vijay

September 26, Sunday, 2010

Actually I like Spinach, many peoples like this, though some persons don't like the taste, this spinach is so good for health, actually while seeing Popeye in earlier days, really I don't know what does this spinach means, I thought that might be some American Candy like so, during the times also I ate spinach so many times but the name for that spinach is not so familiar here, we use different word to denote, now days am so familiar of what spinach is and what am eating also, so I can say that SPINACH THE SAILOR MAN(who ever eating spinach can become as Popeye know)


11 Responses to “THE SPINACH”

  1. Rinny

    Haha too bad we all can't magically grow muscles from eating spinach like Popeye. But I agree, spinach is very good for you; I especially like it in pastas :)

  2. shuchita

    I also like spinach and love Popeye too

  3. Kristin

    I'm a big fan of spinach!

  4. www.majormusthaves.com

    Spanich is also good for dark circles under the eyes!

  5. Lina

    AHAHAAAHHA this is such a funny post <3
    you're so cute!
    I love spinach god I could run accross america for some amazing snails cooked with spinach.
    don't ask me why i just said that, i realise how weird i sound lol xo

  6. Personal Trainer Singapore

    hi there, you have a wonderful blog. thanks for sharing your life and experience here. hope you never give up doing that.

  7. Couture Carrie

    Yay for spinach!


  8. Ashley [Free Honey]

    Spinach is very good for you, but Popeye was special - we Americans don't actually eat it like candy!

    Thanks for the comment!

  9. Lynn Hahn

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm here to see what you're up to. Eating spinach hey lol. I love Popeye the sailor man.

  10. Lydia

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  11. mannoy

    Me, I like Popeye.

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