September 19, Sunday, 2010

It's been amazing match between Chennai Super Kings and Australian board team Victoria, hope these two are the strongest team's facing first time, that too in the Airtel Champions League, Mighty Australian board's Victoria extra- ordinary performance pushes the match towards Super Over match, the Indian IPL giant Chennai Super Kings fought well, a tough match, the mistake from Chennai Super Kings is providing the ball to spinner Ashwin, Captain don't even think about the World Best Spin bowler Muralitharan on his side, also he don't even consider the best bowlers Bollinger and Morkel in such a tough situation. Due to poor selection, super over turns to super over for Victoria, Super kings slanted of from their winning track.



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  3. Katy

    Hi, it seems that Chennai Super Kings did not manage to have thier victory on thier side. But I think that's okey, the main thing is to know the mistakes and have fun (during the game). Plus I think (sports/games) it is not always about winning it is about enjoying:)


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    sounds like a great match! always fun to watch competitive teams battle it out.


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