Have you ever felt stupid out of your own making? I experienced it this morning and this was the second time it happened to me. I mistakenly bought in the grocery store out of haste, a bottle of milk bath for a body lotion. This morning, after taking a bath, i pushed out enough amount on my palm to apply it to my body. As i did that, i noticed a foamy and super white cream splattered on my skin as i tried to rub it against my skin. To my surprise and embarassment, i realized that the lotion i assumed it to be was a milk bath. Oh my, this was the second time that i was mistaken by the packaging of Johnson's milk bath similar to a Johnson's body lotion, or so i thought. In a hurry to be off, i never bothered to wash my skin off with water, i merely got a soiled cloth and wiped the cream off my skin. That was stupidity, for me.



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