Author: Vijay

Before a month I started my college but now days the weekends also turned as working days, so I didn't felt any difference between the weekends and the weekdays. Since the admission of the college is delayed, classes where started too late. Thus it makes a pressure for all teaching staffs and university in accomplishing the full syllabus within a short period of time that too within this short time two unit assessment tests and two model tests were awaiting these one side urging all of us to tend to study, so hectic now days. Once we have a lot time and we don't do what to do in those span of times in the holidays. But after the college, there is no time to relax and to eat also, one side university making pressure to college to finish syllabus, for that college keeping weekend also working days, by keeping this special classes authorities urging staffs to finish their syllabus, finally they putting all their pressures by scolding and behaving strictly in the college classes..oh GOD!


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