Author: Vijay

The twenty twenty passion of cricket made several changes in the world of cricket with in th eshort span of time like the quick 20-20 games. Not onlin in the cricket mode a great adverse effects towards our Indian cricket team. Then three faces of our Indian team had been disapeared and converted in to all new faces in the matches. The three bones of team Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly, Rahul Dravid are those who leads our Indian team for the past several years. They lead thorugh their own ways and promoted the position o four Indain cricket team after the resign of famour players such as Kapil, Shastri. These three players builds the roof of our cricket team and lead to the finals of 2003 world cup. But this twenty twenty paves a way to avoid those senior players even though they have a great art of palying cricket with them. Any way its a undigestable one for all circket lovers, on the other hand this twenty twenty brought up many yooung shining players to our team probably who know there may be a another sachin, ganguly within this new gang. Cheeers India!


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