Author: Vijay

Today I felt too hot climate here even though its a time of nearing rainy season, the tropical mansoon climate changes takes palce and it turns on hot sun above today. Felt very sultry to avoid sultry I did some of cooling tips to make my self a relief from this hot sun and turn to be cool. I already placed water filled box in my refrigenarator, its cooled now its ready as ice cubes. I took a liitle smooth pouch and putted all this ice cubes on the pouch and gave a roll towards my face, then I sliced few cucumber pieces among those two pieces of ringed cucumber I putted on my eyes, thus make my self relax from this sun also to turn off this hot sultry afternoon today. Also to keep our health energtic and cool from tthis climate I will drink juices especially I will drink carrot juice. It is one of high energy content which rise our anti bodies and


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