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My husband takes the train to work. i bring him to the train station. this works well because: (1) he gets to relax on his way to work, (2) he doesn't have to look for parking, (3) i get to use the car during the day instead of it being stuck in some parking lot, and (4) there is always entertainment on board.

the thing with public transportation here, whether it be the train, the bus or the streetcar, is that people tend to speak as if they are the only people on board. so, it is not unusual to hear snippets of conversation here and there.

just yesterday, on his way home, he was seated across two filipinos and their canadian friend. they were discussing how their days went and how much they love coffee. when suddenly one of the filipinos asked the canadian friend, "so have you ever tried... uh... have you ever tried brave coffee?"

brave coffee?! what IS brave coffee? this conversation has obviously caught my husband's attention. he was curious. what is brave coffee?! he's never heard of it before.

quite interestingly, even the filipino's friends didnt know what he was talking about too. my husband could see him trying to explain what brave coffee is. to no avail. he just kept on repeating the words "brave coffee... you know... brave..."

until finally, out of this guy's frustration, he turned to his fellow filipino friend and decided to speak in tagalog. "pare, ano ba?! brave coffee... yung kapeng matapang!"

like i always say, word for word translation is definitely not the way to go.


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