Author: Vijay

Last night , after me and my husband eat supper he wanted to watch a movie. Since it's football season and it was Friday, I decided to watch " Facing the Giants" movie. This a story about a coach who is struggling to win and could lose his job. Everything is falling apart. His car won't start and his wife is longing to have a child.

Everytime I need some encouragment about my faith and walk with God, I wanted to watch this movie. Just like Grant Taylor's wife, I am longing to have a child. We have been married for almost 7 years ( although half of these years we spent separately, either through immigration, and his deployment overseas, and schooling out of state ) It's really my heart's desire to have a child, but until now God did not give me this yet. In the movie, her husband asked " If God won't give us a child, will you still love Him " ? I asked this same question to myself and my answer is YES. If God is not going to give me a child, so be it. I pray that if He really doesn't want me to be a mother, that is He is going to take away my heart's desire to have a child.


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