Author: Vijay

The news about today's transport strike started around last week. People were saying that there would be no classes that day and that everybody should really participate in the strike and show their sympathy about high gas prices. There were others too who said that there will still be classes - strike or no strike! Grrrr....

Anyway, I woke up around 6:30 am, way too early for my 1 pm class. But I had to go early because I had some things to attend to at school. Plus, I want to study there (coz there are a lot of distractions at home). My friend texted me and told me there were classes. So I took a bath, got dressed, ate breakfast and my dad gave me a lift to my school. When I arrived there, people were already saying that there were no classes. And there weren't any!!!! Grrr... I went early for nothing!

Enough of my rants... bottomline is, I hope that this problem regarding gas prices will be resolved soon. I just hate it when people complain that they are poor already or they don't have money because of high gas prices. I hate it when I see jeepney drivers and other motorists suffer because of it. I just hate the fact that it is really a big problem in our society. I just hate it!


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