Author: Vijay

I have received some images from one of my blogger friends and I thought to share about those pics here, which have different funny shapes in the art of food. I thought the creations are cool and totally wild. I’ve shown some of them to the kids and they were both amazed and now bugging me to make the same “hahahhaah”, I can’t even carve a decent pumpkin head. I love the watermelon and I will make one if it’s not too expensive. Watermelon can cost from $5 to 7 a head here in Georgia.

The bread is pretty wild with the knife in its mouth and I like the apple too. I might do the apple later tonight and will see if I can make the same art. Anyway, I don’t have much news for right now. I’ve just woke up and hour ago. I need to get out and do some errands.


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