Author: Vijay

I received a call from my friend Grace today. She lives in Canada already. We have known each other since we were in Grade 5, though we really became really close when we were in College. Yes, we were classmates most of our school years. We were church mates and member of the same choir too at one point. Talking about long lasting relationships, huh!

We basically watched each other grow. We might not be best of friends but we are true friends. I love Grace. She never forgets to call on a regular basis besides the constant e-mails.She inspires me also. We took Physical Therapy and she is now a certified Physical Therapist. I have not passed the boards and she is trying to push me to persevere. Say, she is really a good influence to me.

She said that she misses my company. I do also. You know, those times that we will just stay at her place and she will cook kare-kare, chicken curry or the lumpiang gulay. She is also a very good cook by the way. She is also my movie companion. She was living nearby a mall before. And you know what? I also inherited her place when she left for Canada.

Hay, almost all my friends are abroad already. I really miss all of them. They are the ones who really know me inside and out. I can be myself to them without any fear of being misjudged or hurt.


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