Author: Vijay

I am now trying to balance my time. I have not done the actual schedule of my daily activities yet but I realized that yes, I should have time for everything. Sacrifices would be made but I hope that it would be for the better. I am sure that my husband is noticing that I now go to bed earlier than usual. I do not wake up in the wee hours of the morning also. I am also trying to become a better wife and mom meaning doing my obligations as the woman inside the house. I mopped our floor two days ago! Whoa! You might think why I am so proud of it? I never mopped our floor before. I am that lazy. I did mopped floors of a certain fast food store though when I was still working as a service crew. Yeah, I can mop with pay, ha,ha,ha!

I can do the laundry but cleaning the house? I am not really good at that. I am taking one day at a time though. I could not rush everything.


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  1. vinoth

    ya of course managing the work time and work is a great pressure

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