Author: Vijay

It’s another Monday. We’re almost in the middle of the month of October, right? Times goes by so fast we are closer now of the month of Christmas. My mom flight going back to Philippines is getting closer and closer, I am busy buying and thinking what I should buy more for presents for my dad, sis and bros (pasalubong). I am sure I will miss my mom hmm.. In addition, I am sure my mom misses also her first grandchild.

Anyway, what keep me busy at this moment, I am doing book album for my mom. Yesterday I already sent to ifolor.ch service the first book album but I have a lot more photos for book album for my mom. I hope this will not be late, but I am trying to find a new service making book album that they can ship direct to the Philippines to my parents address. I hope I could find one. Let me search folks. I will tell you more later on.

Wish you had great day wherever you are around the globe. Tschüss


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