Author: Vijay

The beautiful mind is a really awesome movie.It casts Russell Crowe as John Forbes Nash who is a noble laureate and is known for his work in economics. Russell Crowe has done really wonderful job in this.I love the way he acts schizophrenic is totally cool, All his mannerism are totally opposite To what he was potrayed in movies such as the gladiator or the LA Confidential. It is really an treat to watch as Russell Crowe is at his best in this movie. Especially when is asked to help people inside the pentagon facility,We can really witness the what a great actor he is. All i got to say is that this movie went into my collection long back!!!! The favourite scene of mines that moment they were play the game around the street in a cool manner, what a scene I admired a lot,it turns my mind a beautiful one after watching such a wonderful movie and enjoyed too.


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