Author: Vijay

Yipeee!It is my rest day tomorrow!That's how I always feel at the end of a day's work before my rest day. And today, yes it is my rest day. What makes it so special? Well, besides the obvious of being away from work and all the pressures that come with it...I can really relax in my own ways.

What do I do during my rest days? It is as regular as yours I suppose.I want to enumerate them.
1.Long sleep- I love sleeping. I love sleeping more than eating. I can sleep the whole day for 20 hours! I say 20 hours and not 24 because there are some hours for of course, a " little eating"..He, he. But now, that I am married and has a very good and "behave" son, a few hours of sleep after lunch time will do.
2.Malling- Yes. Going to the mall is already a part of our lives. I do not exactly love malling but we have to go there because our son would like to go to the Arcade for some games.We also do the marketing at the mall's Supermarket. Of course, the window shopping in the mall is also in the list. Then of course, we eat there.
3.Laundry Work- I also do all the washing during my rest days.It is automatic already. It becomes robotic of me that I cannot do away with washing clothes during my rest days.
4.Ironing clothes- it is not as regular as washing but there are times that all I want to do is to iron all our clothes.

I think that's about it. Whew! Seems like I did not have a rest day at all? Oh, I forgot to include that I will be the one to take care of my child for 24 hours! Ha,ha!

That's how my rest day goes. Hmmm...Even if my off from work is somehow more work...I will still say that my rest days are precious.I know that you know what I mean.


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