Author: Vijay

Last night the temperature suddenly dropped down from 50F to 25F 2C. I cant believe that in the middle of fall it would get so cold like that! My friend turn up the heater cause its getting chilly inside the house and I have to wear a jacket because my body is not used to with the cold yet. I've noticed that some of our trees got no leaves left like this one in the picture. Just a couple of days ago I took a picture of it and it was still full of leaves, now it looks like its dead. So early to be so cold, we still got a lot of plans to do outside, I guess we have to postponed it for next year. My friend said that there still be more warm days like in the middle of November and December, well I hope so! I have to remind myself that I need to do some shopping for winter clothes and shoes for JJ to keep him warm whenever we take a walk around the yard.


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