Author: Vijay

My dad has always been good on predicting stuffs. And now he predicts that Obama will win the presidential election. Well I guess on this he does know what he's talking about. Obama did win the Presidential election. Congratulations to him. Change will indeed come to America. I hope it's for the better. It's really hard to think about a lot of problems. And the United States of America has loads of them!

Since it's one of the first world countries and is indeed One f the most powerful countries nowadays, America is facing tons of things. Good Luck to Mr. President Obama. I hope he focuses on helping third world countries. haha and a lot of Philantropic works. LOL. or stuffs like that. I hope he won't be all too consumed that he won or be air headed or something like that. blah blah blah..

but who cares what I think about?!. The point is. My dad is a very good Psychic. hehe. He really knows what he's doing and his predictions are 90% accurate! weeeeeee!!


4 Responses to “WELCOME MR OBAMA”

  1. suraj

    Ya obama is a unexpected person for that president post

  2. vijat anand

    S of course all we unexpected obama for this posts, we hope he will furnish his duties well, more expectations on him

  3. Jack

    Nice bloggin work my dear bloggin friend, excellent article friend

  4. seresha

    Excellent bloggin and nise article dear blogger

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