Author: Vijay

Hello dear blogging friends, here its came a grand festival for all of us in my country. I love this festival a lot, not only me right from the age of six to the age of sixty the festival that has been enjoyed by every one is none other than that DIWALI. For a month before itself the celebration towards this festival has been started, I too started celebrating this function through lot of plans. Before a month itself along with my friends and family we started planning how to make over this function as grand success in a grand manner, such as buying of new clothes, buying of new eating items such as sweets and snacks items. More than that I planned to buy crackers, but I lost my interested towards the crackers. Since that and all one age, up to that I had a great expectations over the crackers, very much interested to burst crackers and all that stuffs. Now the real interest is not on the crackers, laziness is the best reason for such thing, I felt to spent time before the television by watching the new programs is better than that of bursting crackers. More over bursting of crackers involves more safety measures while bursting and also wastage of money unnecessarily on the other hand. So I enjoy this light festival in the media lights rather than before the bursting lights.


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  1. patel

    Its a great functio for al Indians

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