Author: Vijay

Even though now days are holidays for me, so much of work is awaiting for me. All such works are primary works only, but for that itself found no time to undertake and finish all the process soon. I started yesterday with washing my clothes, this washing itself continued for more than three hours, such a amount of clothes are there for washing. Then I started to arrange my bag, it was so dusty and tore, first I took my bag to a bag shop for stitching the un threaded parts of the bag. Hence after coming from the bag shop, had a separate wash over my bag, since it was so dusty, then arranged my files and folders that I had in my system for the easy tasking. Within these time the bag and clothes got dried, I ran to pick my clothes from the dryer and then switched on my iron box to make a iron over the washed clothes, it again takes nearly a hour, no time to eat the snacks also, such a type of running schedule for my primary works itself to get the arrange and keep my things neat and clean.


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  1. isaac

    great bloggin work, nice friend

  2. John

    so I too have a lot of work, going to work my friend

  3. sree

    ur work is really great.,

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