Author: Vijay

My vacation to the Philippines will be coming up soon. I expect that this will be my last long vacation for awhile; because my eldest daughter is going to school next year, and I will not have much time for traveling for that reason. I don’t know when I will be able to come back again, but, most likely, I will get to return some day. As much as I can, I want to have quality time with my family there and meet my co-blogging friends.

Anyway, it will not be easy to travel with two kids; if you know anything about kids, you know how hyper active they are. Maria will be 4 years old in May 2009 and Bianca will be 18 months old in March of the same year. At their young age, they can’t hold still; they just want to play and run all the time. What I am afraid of is that they will get lost in the airport. I will need extra hands to keep up with my children; so, I have decided to mail my “balikbayan” boxes. Half of the contents of the boxes are my presents for my family, and the other half are my supplies. I hope it will arrive on time; at least, I hope that the latest it will arrive is as soon as I get there.

Therefore, I plan to be traveling very light, with only one hand carry bag and my two children. I think this will be easier to manage; and it will be quicker too, because I will not have wait at the baggage carousels to pick up checked in luggage.


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