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I am into watching dramas right now particularly the Japanese ones. I love the way they act, not because they are great actors and actresses or they're considered idols in Japan but I like the way they portray their characters, one would think that they were actually the real ones. I also like the unique types of dramas they're producing deviating from the usual guy-girl relationship that for all we know would end up together at the end of the series. But that's for another post.

Since there are only select few Asian dramas shown here in the Philippines (and all of them are dubbed) one cannot choose what to watch. There are MANY dramas out there that can give networks a chunk in audience shares but I am quite surprised that none of our local networks bought right to those dramas. So, my only recourse was get subtitled ones from forums or watch it online.
Watching it online will do but quality sucks bigtime! Not to mention poor audio on online streaming sites. Although I watch the first few episodes online to test if a certain dramas is good, I usually end up downloading them through torrents. I first thought that having this SmartBro connection doesn't really help when you download dramas where each episode can be as much as 700MB, imagine the period of waiting I have to endure with a sucky internet connection. But I was surprised to find out that my downloads can go as fast as 80 to 90kbps, just when I thought that I'll have to keep my laptop on for long hours just to get one single episode. Getting 80 to 90kbps speeds is pretty fast for a standard SmartBro connection where my usual downloads would only average 10-12kbps. I once concluded that those almost-unbelievable speeds were caused by multiple peers online at the same time. But when I tried downloading a few 100MB files from file-sharing websites and tried buffering videos from YouTube, it's actually FAST! Faster than my expectations from a SmartBro connection, are they getting better at it or is it just me?


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  1. ravi

    I too try those downloads, nice , my dear blogger friend, excellent work

  2. samm

    Actually most of the downloads are not downloading from where u downloaded my friend, any way nice blogging work, I appreciated u

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