Author: Vijay

I am the college student this is the time for my enjoyment and happiness. More than all this I like loneliness, while am alone one of my great twin soul which always stays and smoothness is one and only music. without music I can't even spend a hour, that much I love the music, more than that I had great interest towards singing. I will start singing together when I hearing the songs in my ipod. I love my ipod since it's a greatest device for me, as a music lover without ipod I wont eat the food also. While eating also I always hold my ipod in my ears and I will concentrate all my favourite songs. I have a large number of play lists that are my most favourite songs, all those songs I stored in my computer. The songs which I have downloaded in my computer are stored in my favourite play lists, but more than my computer I love to hear my play lists in my ipod, since I had ipod nano, which is very compact and portable. I will take my ipod nano where ever am moving more than that I hold my MP3 player in my bag along with my ipod nano since some of song formats such as .wma are cannot accessible in my ipod, so at these times my MP3 player supports me, since already said am the great music lover always needs music more than that of foods. Also I can hear FM in my MP3 player but it can't be adopt in my ipod, so am happily enjoying with my ipod and ready to buy a new ipod also to give a present for my friend.



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