Author: Vijay

I'm really happy with my life now. Don't get me wrong, I still wasn't able to get all the things that I wanted but I'm lucky because along the way, I've met new friends. I'm getting used to my work as a CSR, though it has nothing to do with my real profession. I'm enjoying my life now in a call center. I'm happy that I have a lot of new friends & I'm grateful that I was able to get in touch with my old peeps.

Although there have been a lot of trials in my life now. Right now I am living with a friend, let me just clarify that the friend I'm referring to is a girl huh! Haha! I just don't want you readers to think that I've gone crazy. There have been some misunderstanding between me & my eldest brother that forced me to move out. It's hard to be away from home but I wanted to prove something to myself & also to all those who have been underestimating me. In time I'll be able to do that. I'm very positive that things will be better for me.


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  1. mani

    great post man

  2. ravi

    everybody has a mixed part of life so nise narration here

  3. rakkhi

    Mixed bag excellent article for to read and get understand

  4. marsh

    Splendid bloggin work my dear blogger

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