I have always been a fan of strawberry ice cream. And when I tried vanilla flavored ice cream, I started to like it also. When Dairy Queen opened at Gateway Mall (I think that was 2 years ago), I tried there brownie temptation blizzard & I was addicted to it. The other day, I went to Robinson's Galleria and I was happy to know that DQ opened a branch there. So I ordered my favorite blizzard. And it was the same yummylicious ice cream that I have tried years ago. Super yummy! If you happen to pass by a DQ branch, I suggest you try this one. Forget the guilt feeling just indulge!



  1. JANNY

    I too love this drink very much

  2. Marcpulsoon

    Yeh man I too love this , its a nise quality stuff to undertake

  3. lisa

    Great bloggin work my dear blogger

  4. vijay

    great bloggin

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