Author: Vijay

okay, i'm a newbie when it comes to cooking but i seriously did not think that i would burn the pieces of siomai i thought i'd be serving everybody. my gad, burn siomai?? to think, you cook it through steaming! well, i don't know how it happened. i left it for a while and when i came back, it was burned! :( in my earlier posts, i blogged about how my friend and i love siomai and what we had to do to get some. if you read about that and know that it's a favorite, then you'd know how frustrated i am with myself knowing that i can't cook! well, the picture on top looks really delicious and i just grabbed it from somewhere on the net. i wish it turned out this way! oh well, i just have to try again...


7 Responses to “COMES TO COOK”

  1. jelyash

    excellent ...superb bloggin

  2. san proben

    excellent bloggin and article my dear bloggr

  3. ramyas

    apdye ye saapdilam poola irukkye

  4. Cecile

    this food looks yummy :-)

    am drooling na tuloy :-)

    salamat sa visit !

  5. Faye

    wow yummy!

  6. Advertise online

    This food is well, i want mummm

  7. karilaw

    hmmm...makes me drool...looks delicious.. :p

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