A Filipina friend of mine gave me some of her home-made pandesal and cinnamon rolls yesterday. She is really a good cook and her pandesal taste so good. Here in the US especially in Texas, you can't find pandesal in the stores or bakeshops. I was so delighted when my friend called me and she told me that she will stopped by and give me some of the pandesal and cinnamon rolls that she baked. I told her before that my hubby love to eat pandesal and both of us have been craving for it. We ate some of the pandesal last night and we still have some left and I put it in the freezer. They were so good! It won't be long and we will be in the Philippines and we can eat freshly baked pandesal. I can't wait to be there.



  1. Mrs. Stevenson

    i miss eating pandesal too. i had pandesal here i bought in filipino store. it's not the same in the Philippines. I don't like it but i like pandecoco. where u at here in texas? I'm from Austin now used to lived in Killeen.

  2. Maus

    oh wow pandesal can i asked the ingredients...
    passinby here

  3. -bugsbunny-

    weeeee.. i know how to cook a very delicious pandesal. jeeeejejjej

  4. Ridho


  5. phitoosh

    cool i like this blog

  6. JiHaN

    wow..it look so yummy....=)

  7. Anonymous

    im indonesian :) that's delicius food ! i have ate that food in indonesia :D so yummy !!

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