Author: Vijay

Yesterday, Torontonians, Canadians and foreigners enjoyed the Santa Claus Parade. If the rest of the world are waiting for Santa to visit them on Christmas Eve, then Torontonian’s had the chance to see him in the parade on his slid pulled by the reindeers. It was raining and snowing yet no one moved from their chosen spots. Expectators are from few days old babies to elderly even sick kids was there to glimpsed the mystery of Christmas and it’s famous Ho ho ho’s. It was amazing to see people waiting for long hours before Santa touch down in town. Their enthusiasms were not weathered by rain and snow and temperature was below 5 degrees Celsius. I never have been to a parade that showed these kinds of extreme curiosity and dedication to the essence of Christmas. I was/am very happy to be there with my son who never sees a parade ever. He was very ecstatic, chanting words, cheering and say ho ho ho!


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