Author: Vijay

For the first time for a long long time here in northern CA (where I am at), we are finally hearing in the NEWS to expect some rain late this week or this coming weekends! It is a mixed emotion for us though because we love the rain, we need the rain so badly here in CA, but at this point, our family is NOT ready for the rain to fall very very soon yet because we removed the rain gutter of our house last summer and planned to replace it before winter, of course. But time flies so fast, before we know it rainy season is already here and our house is not fully ready for it! We are extremely busy doing some works outside to finish some of the unfinish works that we started outside in the previous months that will be a problem during rainy days, which is coming up fast and furious. We only have few days left, and we need to get things ready and done, and get the house ready for the rainy days


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