Author: Vijay

Tuesday December 30, 2008

In the world of cricket era, a new foundation has been laid by the ICC thus by introducing the twenty twenty cricket and a separate world cup for that twenty twenty series in this year. That too the tigers of the cricket my favorite Indian team has been motivated and roared like a tiger in those twenty twenty series, by taking the champions name in this world cup. The man behind this effort for success is MAHENDRA SING DHONI, who knocks in all direction. Managed the team in front and ruled all the other team in the name of Indian captain, at last brought my favorite India to the peak in the one day international matches and also in the test cricket. All the names and fames for this new captain, not seems like a new captain he acted well and done a great work for his team and this man surely will get great awards for his greatest achievements in the cricket for this year.


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    hey! here i am! link up?

  2. mahendra

    eah his name likes me but me not as lucky as him......!

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    good job!

  4. rayearth2601

    hmm...great player

    and good blog


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