Author: Vijay

I have so many things to do this weekend.I feel im going to explode!LOL.The very first thing i hate is,we have a class every saturday.And we had only one day to rest.WTH.And that one day will be consumed for my assignments,review quizzes,and for my report.I really don't know if i can finish it all tomorrow.I also have to iron my clothes.And i am planning to accomplish it as soon as possible.I mean this day.But then again,my laziness syndrome hinders my inclination.haha.Wew.I really hate memorizing!Idk what technique will i do.Everytime i memorize i always feel sleepy.Can you give me some suggestions?haha.Please pray for me.I will be reporting this coming monday for our NCM subject about the history of nursing all over the World.And please do pray for me for my exams.Wish i could pass it.T_T.I also hate analyzation.huhu.I believe in miracles!hhaha.Only that can help me.wew.


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