I just noticed it today that my Post is over 100 already. I am so amazed that I did that only I am so busy and I did not noticed that right away. I reached my hundred post also putting more efforts here on my blog for all the blogging friends more over my dear visitors across the world and I started my blogging in the month of april.I am eight months of blogging and more than 100 posts, like a successful century by a batsmen.What a coincidence? I am so thankful for the visitors, bloggers and friends who always visit me here. Hope you find fascinating tips, gift ideas that will add dazzle to your holidays and provide you a frazzle-free moments. Enjoy reading and staying here:-)



  1. vijay

    Excellent blogging..congrats

  2. John

    Superb hundred

  3. patel

    quality blog works and enhancements more than hundred posts

  4. lisa

    hats off my dear blogger

  5. Jack Michel

    very nice bloggin work

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