Author: Vijay

Wednesday December 31, 2008

The hard working team in the cricket always represented like so, even though putting great efforts, some how and some where this country losing their power and missed out many fames in world cup over the fast few years. But now there is a fire among the players which pushed them to put a great effort in the game mode for past few months, winning in all sides against all countries both in the one day international cricket and in test match cricket. Now the series against the Australia is going on, as per the updates, South Africa knocks the Austalia in this series, only two match series this is among the two matches South Africa won both the matches and claim the cup from the world champions Australia, it’s is the historical win for the South African’s against the world champion that in their place.


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  2. boeedi

    nice blog..

  3. mastery

    fair play is spirit on fire

  4. IndianPie

    South Africans are superb. I wanna see them win all their remaining matches against aussies. All the best to them :)

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