Author: Vijay

Tuesday December 30, 2008

Online is the way of connecting the world even known peoples or unknown peoples? Why I too got more benefits in online, by providing my blog COOL BLOGS to this world also collected more online friends through my bloggers. But this online friendship is not a worthy thing, most of the time it provides a worst kind of relation even they get closed in online or through any dating stuffs. Since we can’t able to judge the details that they furnished about him or her will be true or a fake things because we are unseen peoples but we get connected by talking here in through online mode of communication. So while collecting peoples through online as friends or for any other dating stuffs, we have to be beware about the mode of site we getting connected and the type of people we getting connected, more fake and money minded sites also there, so my dear blogging friends and visitors of my COOL BLOGS, there by I stressing you to get good things and avoid bad things especially in online stuffs.


6 Responses to “ONLINE ADVISE”

  1. lafalofe

    your articel is so informative, i really appreciate it.
    Nice blog

  2. Cisco elearnng

    waw kren banget blog nya
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  3. Aksaramedia

    Make online relations additional means of the concept, knowledge and the friend. Must please.....

  4. Aksa

    Make online relations additional means of the concept, knowledge and the friend. Must please.....

  5. Rumah Islami

    find more friend by getting online and wisely pick the good stuffs... very nice :)

  6. Maria Carmela S. Laya

    i do agree with you. making friends on line people must be careful in finding the good ones.

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